22 May 2016

What I'm reading

I felt inspired to draw and paint today, after watching a Craftsy class on urban sketching taught by Jim Richards, but not sufficiently inspired to think of a place to sketch, get dressed, pack up my gear, drive there, etc. So instead I took a break from a few chores to read, and then took a break from reading to draw the book I just finished and the book I just started. They are both from ongoing series I have read since the beginning, and I am pleased with both of them, which always helps when it comes time to draw!

I did both of these freehand and quickly in ink, so they have some glitches, but the point was more documentary than artistic, so I'm not worried about it. Micron pen in black (#1) and blue (#2), and watercolor.

Maybe some urban sketching next weekend, since it's three days and I'm going to Ventura for one of them!

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