29 July 2016

A few laggardly July prompts

As I mentioned before, I didn't connect with too many of the Every Day in July prompts, but I thought I'd do a couple to finish out the month.

#20: Iced Tea

Well, I love cold tea, but I don't really like it iced, because the ice dilutes the tea and I like my tea strong. So I make tea in my trusty old blue teapot and stick the pot in the refrigerator to get it cold. And sometimes I make an Arnold Palmer (half tea, half lemonade). LePen .05, watercolor.

#29: Drive-in Movie

I have great memories of going to the drive-in with my parents. We'd pack a lunch (because concession stand food was too expensive! and also not fresh), I'd put on my pajamas, and for most of the movie I would lean over the middle of the bench seat between my parents to watch the show. The speakers never worked right, and there would always be a battle between Mom, who wanted to move to another spot to see if that one would work better, and Dad, who insisted he could fix it if she'd just give him a minute. I don't think I saw the ending of most of those movies--the back seat, thoughtfully furnished with a blanket and pillow, was just too seductive. Which was probably my parents' plan all along--at least half a movie's worth of alone time!

This one was a quickie, and not too well executed, but the palm tree gives it that quintessential California identity. LePen .05, watercolor.

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