21 August 2016

More favorites

I'm running behind on the WWG prompts, but here are three more:

Favorite article of clothing

Here's my favorite skirt. It's a thin white cotton with another thin cotton lining, on an elasticized stitched waistband. It's in primary colors plus green and pink and gray, so you can wear a lot of different stuff with it. But mainly, I like it because it's patterned with urban sketching! I did an inset vignette so you could see the kind of thing. I'm thinking they're meant to be Miami, or Cuba, because of the cars, palm trees, and style of houses, but it always makes me feel très Française when I wear it, for some reason.

Favorite place in your home:

My rocking chair. Because reading.

Favorite family keepsake:

There are many, and I painted this quickie a while back. This is a wall pocket I inherited from my mom, who had a large collection of them. She got me started collecting too, so now I have more than 40! They are not all up on the wall, but at least half of them are. This is from the McCoy Pottery in Ohio, probably circa about 1920. It's a birdbath.

More to come--the weekend isn't over yet!

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  1. Love the skirt, too, and the chair!! Thanks for sharing these.