22 August 2016

Weekend prompts

Friday's prompt was "favorite restaurant." That's a hard one--can you ever say definitively that just one place is your favorite? I think it depends on so many things...mood, time of year, expectations. But I can say this is ONE of my favorite restaurants, for its ambience, its wonderful Italian food, and the brewed-from-scratch Belgian hot chocolate that we often order in lieu of dessert!

LePen and watercolor.

Today's prompt was "favorite book." Well, if you know me at all, you know how impossible that one is! I could draw 40 and still think of 40 more. So I arbitrarily picked one for which I have a long-time soft spot. It's an old-fashioned romantic book about a house, a family, and a particular time and attitude, and I re-read it probably once every couple of years.

Pencil and watercolor. This was a tough one to paint! I have to admit to a tiny bit of touch-up work on the lettering afterwards in Photoshop Elements.

Saturday's prompt, "favorite person," is yet to come. I tried a portrait and it was a big fat fail. I'm going to give it another shot soon.

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