30 July 2016

Reward for hard work

I've been taking it easy this week of vacation, mostly because it's so horribly hot that I can't bring myself to do much! And also, despite many undone projects, I need the rest after a hectic six weeks of Teen Summer Reading Club. But this morning was a little cooler, and I woke up early for a change, so I decided to tackle the patio. I carried or rolled all the furniture out into the yard, and then I swept out the patio, I hosed it out, I washed it down with soapy water with a scrubber and a mop and rinsed well, and then while it dried, I did the same to all the furniture.

This was all done by 8:30 a.m., so I jumped in the shower (okay, it was more of a gimpy limp to the shower), and then headed for the chiropractor for a much-needed tune-up. Afterwards, I decided I deserved a reward of breakfast out. I headed for a favorite place in Encino, but by this time it was 10 a.m., and there was no parking and a line at the door. So I drove up Ventura Blvd., trying to decide whether to try somewhere else or go home and cook.

There is a semi-new building on Ventura Blvd. east of Hayvenhurst with a bunch of fast food places--Chipotle, Jersey Mike's, and so on--but as I drove past it, I spotted the name "Claudine" and the subheading of "baked goods," a place I had never noticed before, so I grabbed an empty parking place out front and went in to scope it out.

The place is light, bright, and inviting, featuring racks of cake holders, some put to good use and some standing by and looking ornamental. It's an order-at-the-counter kind of place, and then they bring your food to you. They serve a limited breakfast menu (in addition to the baked goods), and promised good café latte, so I settled in and started a sketch of what fell within my sightline while I waited for my order to be delivered to my table.

I finished the sketch after I ate (perfect scrambled eggs, crispy potato wedges, and brioche toast), and when I got home, I went out on my pristine patio and completed it with some watercolor. And now, I'm going to take a nap!

(LePen .05 and watercolor--featuring a favorite, Daniel Smith cobalt turquoise!)

29 July 2016


I decided it was time for a new Facebook Profile Picture, so I took a "Hairfie" of me "wearing" my new favorite hairstyle, a French braid down each side that gets wrapped into a bun at the back. The perfect 'do for someone with long hair, when it's 100 degrees outside! (Please let it get cooler soon...)

LePen and watercolor.

A few laggardly July prompts

As I mentioned before, I didn't connect with too many of the Every Day in July prompts, but I thought I'd do a couple to finish out the month.

#20: Iced Tea

Well, I love cold tea, but I don't really like it iced, because the ice dilutes the tea and I like my tea strong. So I make tea in my trusty old blue teapot and stick the pot in the refrigerator to get it cold. And sometimes I make an Arnold Palmer (half tea, half lemonade). LePen .05, watercolor.

#29: Drive-in Movie

I have great memories of going to the drive-in with my parents. We'd pack a lunch (because concession stand food was too expensive! and also not fresh), I'd put on my pajamas, and for most of the movie I would lean over the middle of the bench seat between my parents to watch the show. The speakers never worked right, and there would always be a battle between Mom, who wanted to move to another spot to see if that one would work better, and Dad, who insisted he could fix it if she'd just give him a minute. I don't think I saw the ending of most of those movies--the back seat, thoughtfully furnished with a blanket and pillow, was just too seductive. Which was probably my parents' plan all along--at least half a movie's worth of alone time!

This one was a quickie, and not too well executed, but the palm tree gives it that quintessential California identity. LePen .05, watercolor.