09 May 2012

Some "vacation" days

I'm off work tomorrow through Saturday to take a three-day watercolor workshop with artist Brenda Swenson. I really admire her work, and have wanted to study with her for some time now, but fate kept intervening--this is the third time I have reserved for one of her workshops, but the first time I will actually make it to one! Here is her online gallery, if you are interested in seeing her work:
She paints in a variety of ways, all of which I would love to take something from. I'm hoping that by Saturday at 5:00, I will have lots of new drawings and paintings to share! We work from 9-4 each day. I will post on Sunday.

I bought myself a new tabletop easel--I usually work pretty basic, just a pad of paper, some pencils, my palette and brushes, and a can of water on a flat surface--but I decided to treat myself and try this out (and it was on sale, always a good excuse). Also, it has a drawer into which I can pack my brushes, extra tubes of color, etc., so I won't have to carry my big art toolbox with me, I can just bring this plus my art bag with paper and "artifacts" in it. (We are supposed to bring a variety of reference materials--both photos and props--to use for warm-up exercises.) The biggest issue with doing art somewhere other than home is figuring out how to transport it all without being overburdened.

Well, enough with the talking--I have to go collect my supplies, pack my bag, and be ready to walk out the door at 8 a.m. sharp tomorrow!

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