12 June 2016

EDiJ Today

I'm really liking the Beatles song prompts, and it's reminding me what geniuses they were and how much I loved some of these songs when I heard them. Tomorrow's is "The Fool on the Hill." Did you know that the Beatles as a group never actually performed this song live (although it was on the Magical Mystery Tour album), and that Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66 had the hit with it? I didn't remember that at all until I went to YouTube and listened to both versions. I remember the hit, but much prefer McCartney's take on it.

I wasn't going to paint today, but at the end of the day I found I needed to focus on something besides the devastating homophobic attack in Orlando, so I looked for a reference photo and put the song into a picture. Given what's happening in the world, I'm thinking he's not such a fool. I wish I was up on that hill right now. All by myself, with my head in a cloud, watching the world spinning round.

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